Recent Before & After Photos

Over-saturated Ceiling

The dry wall in the ceiling could not be restored so the effected material had to be removed. The woodwork behind had to then be dried.

Water Damage in Walls and Ceiling

Sometimes water damage can generate in the ceiling from an over-head leak or flooding on a different floor above.

Ceiling Damage

Water leak in the next floor caused damage in the ceiling. Drywall had to be removed to allow drying of the wood studs above.

Mold Demolition

Removing dry wall so the wood studs can be treated and dried.

Saturated Wall

The wall is saturated with moisture and must be removed. The second photo shows the wall with the drywall cut away and a containment.

Chemical Leak in Garage

Boxes with chemicals leaking being placed into red biohazard bags

Mold In Cabinetry

Mold was found in the wall behind and in the cabinetry, both of which had to be removed and remediated. The after photo shows the wall with replaced drywall rea... READ MORE